Why Rockland Rock Band Camp?

Song selection: Children have input to which songs will be performed.

We teach differently than other music camps to give the real band experience.
Band is a unit. No switching players, etc.

Campers are challenged to learn songs in a band environment

Professional rehearsal studio with use of professional equipment

Teachers are willing to work hard.

Playing with friends

Make new friends - After the summer campers have gone on to play together.

Product support is provided by D’Addario and & Co. Brands include D’Addario StringS, Planet Waves, Evans drumheads, Promark.  
Each camper will receive a music accessory such as strings, a tuner, cables, drum head, drum pad, drum sticks, etc.


Performance in an actual club, the Turning Point, Piermont with professional sound system and professional sound man

Directed by a Berklee College of Music graduate

Teachers have college degrees

Teachers have private and/or classroom professional teaching experience.

Who knew music was more than fun…it’s healthy!

Making music is beneficial to people of all ages. It positively affects children in their development of cognitive skills; teens by building confidence and connecting them socially; adults through reducing stress; and seniors by “exercising” the brain.

Playing an instrument is not only cool; it also:
* builds confidence
* creates social connections / bonds
* inspires creativity
* increases productivity

Plus, everyone knows music is fun and provides entertainment and enjoyment, but not all know that music making has been scientifically proven to:
* exercise the brain
* fight memory loss
* reduce stress
* lower blood pressure
* stave off depression
* enhance cognitive development in children

It's never too late to pick up an instrument and learn how music making can be an integral part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. And, don’t forget, making music inspires a passion that can last a lifetime!

5 Reasons to Play a Musical Instrument

1. Playing a Musical Instrument Makes you Smarter

2. It Teaches Discipline

3. Playing a Musical Instrument Relieves Stress

4. Sense of Achievement

5. Playing a Musical Instrument is Fun

from: http://musiced.about.com/od/beginnersguide/a/pinst.htm

Interview excerpt with Jazz guitarist Mike Stern about practicing/learning guitar and music:

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