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Join us this summer for a great musical experience! Rockland Rock Band Camp is the county’s premier music and band camp, providing our campers with a fun, engaging and exciting week-long program that includes playing the music they love, receiving professional instruction, forming their own rock band, rehearsing, and performing for a packed house at the acclaimed Turning Point in Piermont, on the very stage where international music legends play!

Now in our 9th year, this summer’s program will be great. The camp program director and Berklee College of Music graduate Brian Murphy and assistant director Terry Foley will lead the campers through each week-long session full of music, creativity, and collaboration, while sharpening musical skills and creating a truly memorable and impactful experience. Making new friends and having fun included!

Musical development is encouraged throughout every aspect of the program. Individual and group instruction is provided while campers are in-studio, and critical musical concepts are presented during rehearsals and in a classroom setting. Playing with other musicians in a band setting is an invaluable tool for musical growth, and a lot of fun.

Students will improve musicianship and knowledge through:

  • Learning to practice and rehearse individually and as a group
  • Developing stage presence and live performance skills
  • Working cooperatively through band member interaction and playing with others
  • Listening in a band setting
  • Playing by ear
  • Understanding musical styles
  • Learning song formats
  • Learning to read and play from chord charts, song lyrics and tabs
  • Being introduced to reading music notation
  • Properly using studio equipment

The camp is open to student campers of all ages and skill levels. Vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists, horn players and others are welcome to attend the summer program. After a quick musical evaulation they will be placed into the appropriate group and on their way to playing in a band. Students are required to have at least 6 months experience playing their instrument. (Music requirements here). Camp activities take place at Anjel Blue Studios in Nyack – a professional rehearsal studio that is well equipped with all of the ‘backline gear’ needed for rehearsal and performance.

Our campers return year after year, eager to play with their friends, ready to improve their musical skills, and looking forward to their gig at the legendary Turning Point. See our
camper comments. Join us and be in the band!

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