Summer camp overview/schedule:

Our comprehensive summer camp program gives our camper musicians a week of the music they love, educational activities, and rehearsals that will improve musicianship and make them a key part of a great band.

2016 Summer Sessions: Campers may participate in one or both of the sessions:

Monday, July 18th – Saturday, July 23rd, 2015
Monday, August 1st – Saturday, August 6th, 2015

Campers will arrive at 10am each day for Rockland Rock Band Camp at Anjel Blue Studios in Nyack. Each full day of the camp program includes a 15 minute break in the late morning and a hour-long lunch break at 1pm. The day ends at 4 pm.

Selecting songs for the band and live show: The program begins with campers working together with their band members and with the Band Director instructor, to listen to, provide input, and review arrangements of their favorite songs for consideration for the live show at the end of the week. Songs are selected for rehearsal and live performance and bands can start working with these songs minutes later.

Morning sessions: Each day campers will continue to learn and practice the selected songs, with full in-studio rehearsal. Concepts that help students learn the songs and improve their expertise are introduced, and proficiency is developed throughout the week in areas such as learning by ear, understanding and playing from chord charts, and working with song lyrics and tabs (for guitar and bass players). Throughout the week, initially selected songs will be rehearsed and additional songs may be added.

Afternoon classroom sessions: Each afternoon at 2pm, campers will participate in engaging classroom learning in the main studio room. Many topics could include rock and pop music history, music appreciation and exposure to different styles and genres, techniques for recording live music on the computer, analysis of the music of specific bands, their styles and albums, and discussion of the many types of backline gear and musical equipment used by bands in studio, and for recording and performance. One afternoon is set aside for “Musical Jeopardy,” which is a big hit with all the kids.

Jam sessions: Our band members love our daily jam sessions! After classroom learning, kids play for about 45 minutes, take on challenges with their new skills, improvise, and make some great music.

Getting ready for live performance: As campers work towards the Saturday live performance, significant milestones are achieved. On Wednesday, the live performance set list starts to form, and performance skills, stage presence, playing to a live audience, and other performance aspects of the set are explored. By Thursday, campers create their original band name! Friday is spent rehearsing and reviewing the set list and then performing in the main studio room with the other camp bands.

The Performance: The week culminates with each camp band performing on Saturday afternoon at a renowned music venue, the Turning Point, in Piermont. Our live performance program provides an exciting opportunity and an invaluable experience --and the kids absolutely love it. The legendary Turning Point hosts nationally and internationally known artists, the best of the best of the club circuit – or as Westchester Magazine says, “Everyone who’s anyone.” Our campers get play the same room, from the same stage, for their very first gig! No other camp offers this great opportunity. This acclaimed entertainment venue boasts a long list of bands and musicians who play there – and Rockland Rock Band Camp band members can add their names to the list.

Fall and Winter Camp Sessions Overview:
Can’t get enough of band camp or want to wait until the Fall or Winter to attend? 90 minute Fall and Winter sessions take place once a week, typically on Saturdays. These sessions focus intensely on learning, rehearsing and performing. The Fall and Winter camp sessions take place over a course of 10-13 weeks, providing more time for at-home practice and rehearsal. Longer, more involved, complex songs can be tackled by the bands. For the final Saturday camp experience, the bands perform at The Turning Point.

Fall Session usually runs end of September - Decemebr.
Winter Session usually runs end of Februrary - April.